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South Beach Wine & Food Festival

Three 2 Oh was featured at the 2011 Bubble Q event sponsored by Perrie-Jouet

South Beach Wine & Food Festival

Part Science, Part Theater, Part Taste and totally tantalizing is what you get from THREE2OH combining Sweets & Science.

Chef designed Liquid Nitrogen System that produces the most premium ice cream, gelatos, sorbets and frozen libations on the planet.

THREE2OH provides a culinary experience your guests will never forget. We can serve a customized flavor that you’ve invented or provide a variety menu for your guests to choose from. We offer the most extraordinary ice cream, gelato, and sorbet on the planet.

A feast for the senses- sight, sound and taste. An interactive show. Your guests will marvel as the chef instantly transforms their favorite ingredients into their choice of frozen delight.


Experience the best ice cream you have ever tasted with a great show at your next event.

Read More


Enhance your business with a dynamic Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream system by Three 2 Oh! Packages available for Caterers, Restaurants, Fairs & Festivals and Conventions Services.

Read More

Recent Events

Check out some of the awesome events featuring Three2Oh! liquid nitrogen ice cream.

Read More


"Home Made" is our big secret. We combine the freshest ingredients and Chef Ralph's creativity to make the most amazing ice cream flavors you have ever tasted.

Read More
THREE2OH GOES BANANAS THREE2OH INTRODUCES NEW INDUCTION COOKING BAR TO ITS LIQUID NITROGEN ICE CREAM SYSTEM NEW FLAMBE CLASSICS BANANAS FOSTER CHERRIES JUBILEE The team at THREE2OH has added a state of the art induction cooking bar to its liquid nitrogen ice cream system. The induction bar will give us the ability to bring you the world’s best custom ice cream and top it with classics like Bananas Foster and Cherries Jubilee. The system will allow us to bring a new level of a culinary experience to your guests. Please contact your THREE2OH representative to hear more about this exciting new action.

Bananas Foster

                          THREE2OH GOES BANANAS THREE2OH INTRODUCES NEW INDUCTION COOKING BAR TO ITS LIQUID NITROGEN ICE CREAM SYSTEM NEW FLAMBE CLASSICS BANANAS FOSTER CHERRIES JUBILEE The team at THREE2OH has added a state of the art induction cooking bar to its liquid nitrogen ice […]



5 super cool companies Bill Sullivan, Barry Resnick and Ralph Rendsland own Three2Oh, a liquid nitrogen ice cream business. Company : Three2Oh Headquarters: Orlando Website: three2oh.com For Three2Oh, show-stopping liquid nitrogen treats mean a booming catering business with a sideline opportunity to help other entrepreneurs take the liquid N2 plunge. Three2Oh was founded in March […]

Three2Oh Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

THREE2OH in the Orlando Sentinel

Heather McPhearson at the Sentinel wrote a very nice article on the Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Craze in Central Florida Click ere to read the article          

Three2Oh Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

THREE2OH In The News

Catering Magazine did a nice article on THREE2Oh. Check it out at www.cateringmagazine.com find us on page 18  


Best Ice Cream Toppings

We Only Use The Best Toppings Available Fresh Fruits, European Chocolate, Real Crushed Candy Bars And Cookies (Not The Commercial Part And Pieces) Are Goal Is For Our Guests To Have the The Best Product Available.               .

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