Three2oh! Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Chef Designed Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream



Bill Sullivan, Barry Resnick and Ralph Rendsland own
Three2Oh, a liquid nitrogen ice cream business.

Company : Three2Oh
Headquarters: Orlando

For Three2Oh, show-stopping liquid nitrogen treats mean a booming catering
business with a sideline opportunity to help other entrepreneurs take the liquid
N2 plunge.

Three2Oh was founded in March 2010 by owners Bill Sullivan, Barry Resnick and
Ralph Rendsland with a combined $30,000 investment. The trio brings a wealth of
expertise: Sullivan has worked in ice cream distribution since 1988. Resnick has
30 years experience in product sales to hotels. Rendsland, a grad of top
culinary institute CIA, has three decades of culinary expertise and develops
Three2Oh’s recipes.

Tapping into the local event market for high-end hotels and wedding
receptions, Three2Oh offers traditional flavors and flash-frozen cocktail ice
creams like Kahlua ice cream sandwiches or liquor banana splits that stay
chilled due to liquid nitrogen’s awesome freezing power.

Twenty percent of the company’s 2010 revenues came from sales
of liquid nitrogen machines to chefs and caterers looking to steam-power their
bottom lines.

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